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• Wash & basic degrease.
• Adjust & tighten brakes.
• Align derailleurs & tune gears.
• Inspect headset, hubs & bottom
Tighten crank & chainrings.
Check spokes & tension wheels.
• Examine cables; oil & secure end caps.
Lubricate chain.
Lubricate pivot points.
• Inspect & inflate tires.
• Check all parts for wear and tear.
• Wipe frame & wheels & polish.
• Test Ride



BK03379 Basic Service €20.00
BK03380 Premium Service €30.00
BK03695 Extra Degreasing €10.00

BK03381 Tyre / Tube fitting €2.50
BK03382 Wheel straightening €6.00
BK03383 Wheel straightening + Spokes €10.00
BK03384 Wheel Build / Rebuild €25.00
BK03385 Hub Service (Front) €9.00
BK03386 Hub Service (Rear) €12.00

BK03401 Replace Brake Cable €3.00
BK03402 Replace Brake Pads €6.00
BK03403 Brake setup (each) €3.00
BK03867 Brake Bleeding - Top Up €12.00
BK03404 Brake Bleeding (each) €20.00

BK03387 Gear adjustment (Front) €3.00
BK03388 Gear adjustment (Rear) €3.00
BK03389 Replace Gear Cable €3.00
BK03390 Replace Gear Cable (SRAM) €4.00
BK03868 Shifter Service €15.00

BK03391 Front derailleur (seat tube) fit or replacement €6.00
BK03392 Front derailleur (bottom bracket) fit or replace €10.00
BK03393 Rear derailleur fit or replacement €6.00
BK03394 Straighten or replace derailleur hanger €6.00
BK03395 Chain fit or replacement €6.00
BK03396 Bottom bracket fit or replacement €10.00
BK03397 Bottom bracket service €12.00
BK03398 Rear Cassette fit or replacement €6.00
BK03399 Crank fit or replacement €6.00
BK03400 Chainring replacement €6.00

BK03405 Suspension fork service €35.00
BK03406 Fork fitting €20.00
BK03407 Fork cutting €12.00
BK03408 Headset service or replacement €15.00
BK03409 Install Bike Computer €6.00
BK03410 Install Road Bar Tape €6.00
BK03411 Finishing kit replacement (stem, bars, seatpost) €6.00
BK03412 New bike setup and assembly 70% €30.00
BK03413 New bike setup and assembly - from scratch €75.00
BK03414 Bike Packing €25.00
BK03415 Bike Wash & Polish €10.00

Pre Ride Checklist

A quick check of your bike before riding can help prevent those long walks home. It only takes about two minutes. Make it a habit and your chances of a breakdown are greatly reduced.

Check the quick release levers -- Make sure that your quick release levers on your wheels are installed correctly and are properly tight. A runaway wheel is a nasty surprise.

Bounce the Bike -- Pick up your bike 4 or 5 inches off the ground and bounce it once or twice. Listen for unusual rattles, they can indicate loose parts about to fall off.

Check the Brakes -- Check the front and rear brakes separately. Give the levers a good squeeze to make sure they are tight and the cable is securely fastened.

Spin the Wheels -- Lift the front of the bike of the ground an inch or so and spin the front wheel. I should spin freely with no brake rub and should be relatively true. Listen for grinding sounds in the hub that indicate the need for maintenance. Do the same for the rear wheel.

Check the Cranks -- Make sure that the crank bolts are tight and the chainrings are true and are not missing any teeth.

Check the Headset -- Hold the front brake down and gently rock the bicycle forward and back. Loose or worn bearing will make distinct click. Tighten or service if necessary.

Check the Tires -- Make sure your tire have the correct amount of air pressure and examine them for rips, tears or sharp objects stuck into the tread. Check brake and derailleur cables for fraying.

Check the Handlebars -- Make the handlebars and stem are securely fastened. Visually examine the handlebars for bends or crack. If you find any, replace immediately.